How to find your shirt size


Finding your best fitting shirt has never been easier. Just like when you buy a pair of pants, pick the length and width you want for your shirt. Easy peasy.

Step One: Width

Grab a flexible tape measure. Measure around your chest right about nip level, then use the chart below to find your measurement.

Step Two: Length

Head over to a mirror and measure from the hollow of your neck to about mid-fly. Once you have that measurement, check the size chart below and choose your length. 

For example, I’m 5’6”, and from the hollow of my neck to mid-fly I measure 23.5". I like my shirt a little longer, so I pick length 2. The good news is there is no right answer for length, it’s all personal preference. When in doubt, try both. We offer easy returns. 


If you don’t have a soft, flexible tape measure, grab a piece of string to measure your width and length. Mark the ending spot on the string and then check the string against a tape measure or ruler.