7 Everyday Style Tips For Short Guys

7 everyday style tips for short guys
I’ve always admired people who take what they are given in life and work to make the most of it. They seem to know what they want and do their best to make things happen.
One of the things I have to make the most out of is being short. I'm 5'6" on a good day and being shorter than most can present some real challenges including getting dressed. 
But height shouldn't stop anyone from looking great and feeling great. Let’s jump into 7 things you can start doing every day to elevate not only your style but also your height.

Tip #1: Be you.

Start by finding styles that match you or the ideal version of you. Create a Pinterest board and name it something meaningful for you. Mine is "Style Inspiration". Start searching for people that have a style you like and fits your personality and save those images to your board. Use the inspiration board as a means of setting and expanding the possible directions to develop your own personal style. Moving from fuzzy to more concrete on how you want to present yourself. 

And remember, there is no wrong answer. We all have different tastes, styles and personalities, so find examples that fit you. 

Style for short guys inspiration board

 #2: Avoid baggy and loose-fitting clothes.

Let's face it, short guys don't need anything that calls undo attention to their height. The most basic requirement is that your clothing must fit. It’s not too baggy or too loose, and not too tight either. You need to find the right level of “slim fit” for you.

Why? Baggy or bulky clothes can make you look even shorter and stockier. This applies to your pants, shirts and everything you wear. 

In addition, make sure your shirts aren't too long. Most t-shirts I can buy from bigger retail stores end up looking like I'm wearing a mini-skirt. Not really aligned with my ideal look or how I want to present myself.

long or baggy shirts vs fitted shirt for short guys

#3: Wear monochromatic colors. 

When you wear contrasting colors, like a white shirt and black pants, you create a visual break in your silhouette and if your clothes are ill-fitting, it can further enhance your shortcomings. Counter productive to say the least. 

Instead, try matching dark with dark and light with light. For example, pair a dark shirt with dark pants. Or when wearing lighter pants, go with a lighter colored top. This will help to elongate your silhouette instead of breaking it up into distinct sections. 

Contrasting colors can make you look shorter, monochromatic outfits can make shorter guys look taller

If you do wear contrasting colors on top and bottom, one tip is to find shirts with a curved bottom hem. This will help minimize the split between the top and bottom and will help elongate your silhouette.  

A curved hem shirt can help short guys look taller and leaner

#4: Wear slim profile shoes with a bit of a lift.

Ideally, shoes should compliment the look you are going for. By now, you should be catching on that big and bulky attire is not your friend. That goes for your shoes too. Look for shoes that have a slim profile, with a slight taper to the toe box that still allow for comfort.

Also you've heard "put a spring in your step"? Why not not add a little lift at the same time? I don't mean platforms from the 70's, but something with a little bit of heel. Boots and semi-dress shoes are a great option as they usually have a small heel. Some sneakers can help add some inches to your height as well but again make sure they aren’t too wide or boxy. 

Great shoes options for short guys#5: Wear accessories proportionate to your size.

Accessories are great, especially when they add to your overall look but make sure they compliment and not dominate. Wear accessories such as watches, glasses, hats, and ties that fit your proportions. For example, if you have a smaller wrist, a large watch will make it look even smaller. 

Short guys need to make sure the accessories they wear aren't too bulky or big - Right sized is the goal.

#6: Hats and hair-do's can add more than style.

The right hat can not only be the perfect finisher to your look but also add a bit of height. The same goes for taller hairstyles. From straight up styles to curly tops, to those that add volume. Maximize what you have and don't be afraid to try new looks.

Short guys max your height by adding volume to your hair or grab a great hat to finish your look.

#7: Mind your posture.

For heaven's sake, stand up straight. This will not only make you look taller but make you appear more confident. Bad posture could take inches away from you and I personally don’t have any to spare. 

Start by being aware of your posture and when you notice you’re slouching, practice standing up straight. Then extend the habit to include sitting up straight. Start training your muscles and your awareness. Keep at it and it will become easier over time. (Bonus: 9 Tips for Better Posture)

Short guys must be mindful of their posture - stand up straight

 We’re here to help. 

There is no right or wrong to choosing your style. Incorporate these 7 tips to help maximize your height to highlight your best features and minimize your worst. 

And when in doubt, ask! Again, as a short guy myself, I know it can be hard to find clothes that not only fit you but make you look great. I’m here to help and answer any questions you have. 

And we have some pretty great t-shirts that aren’t too long, too baggy or too boring…with more options to come. 

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