Clothes for Short Guys: And the Survey Says….

Clothes for Short Guys: And the Survey Says….

As part of the initial launch of our Deluxe Black T-shirt, we recently asked for short guys to volunteer to test out the shirt. We asked them to wear the shirt, wash it, dry it, and wear it some more. The goal was to get all the wear they could out of it during the testing period, and then give us their honest feedback. 

The testers ranged from 5’4” to 5’8” and weighed between 140-225 lbs. Ages ranged from 27 to 43. We've compiled their answers and want to share some of their feedback with you. 

Your first question is probably “Why would we do this?” and “Are we only going to share the good stuff?” 

One of the founding principles of grantly clothing is constant improvement. That means we’ll share what we got right, and what we are working on to make things better. So, for better or worse, here we go. 

Most of the testers liked the shirt and will continue to wear it. 

In another question we asked if the testers enjoyed wearing the shirt and we got similar answers. 79% of the testers loved or liked wearing the shirt and will keep wearing it. The other 21% said wearing the shirt was okay. No one said they didn’t like wearing it at all. 

We loved some of the reasons stated by the 21% who said they wouldn’t continue to wear the shirt. Our favorite was that the shape of the bottom hem didn’t work for them because they couldn’t carry their concealed carry weapon. Others thought the shirt was too short to continue to wear.  

Lesson learned: To get the best fitting shirt, you really have to consider your torso length, not your overall height. And we understand the arched bottom hem doesn’t work for everyone, so we are working to add other shirt styles.  

Almost ⅔ of the testers said the size they ordered fit as expected. 

We then asked about the fit on specific parts of the shirt. 64% said the shirt fit across their chest with the right amount of room but 36% said the fit in the chest was snug but okay. Lesson learned: If you are on the fence between two sizes, size up. 

No one said the shirt was too long. 

None of the testers said the shirt was too long.This was one of the key issues we were working to solve - most shirts you can find are too long for short guys. Half did say the shirt was too short so we are working on expanding our size offerings to make sure everyone has a size option to get the right fit.

The majority of the guys liked the arched bottom hem. 

We designed the bottom hem of the shirt with a shape that was meant to make the torso look longer and leaner. We knew it was a departure from the standard straight bottom hem most t-shirts offer, but felt the benefits of the arched hem were worth exploring. 

Luckily 43% loved or liked it and another 36% were neutral. For those 21% that didn’t hate but didn’t love it, we have started working on another shirt style that has more of the traditional straight hem. 

Everyone loved the material and said it was one of the best parts of the shirt. 

In fact, 100% of the testers gave it a 4 or 5 star rating. And 93% said they didn’t have any shrinkage or changes in the quality of the material after washing and drying the shirt.  

We also asked what were the best things about the shirt from the choices of fit, material, and look (responders were not limited to one option).

The sleeves are just right and not too tight. 

While most liked the sleeves, we still think we can improve them and are working to see how we can make them even more comfortable.  

Over half would definitely recommend the shirt to others.

To the other 43% who said they would recommend it with changes, we hear you! Thanks to your feedback, we are working on making the shirt even better. 

The final takeaways

It looks like we got a few things right and have identified a few areas we can work on to make the shirt better such as expanding our size options to allow more short guys to find their perfect fit. We are also working on making our size system a bit easier/faster to understand. Plus we are working to expand the style offerings of the shirt; specifically relating to the bottom hem and adding more colors and more designs, all with the goal of giving more options to ensure you find what you like. 

We are so happy to be able to continue to work towards providing great clothes for short guys. And big shout out to all the testers who gave us their feedback! 

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