Quick Tour of Our Workspace

Quick Tour of Our Workspace

Hey what's going on guys. People ask me what it’s like being a new startup clothing brand for short guys, so I thought I would share a quick behind the scenes tour with you.

Area #1: The Lab

We call this area “the lab”. Here we do most of the collaboration; sketching on huge rolls of paper, sorting through fabric samples and throwing things up on the board. We use this area to plan upcoming styles, keep track of current projects and give the team a high level reminder of all the moving parts. At the heart of it all, we strive to create cool shit to help you look and feel your best.That’s what we’re all about.

The lab where we create great clothes for short guys 5'8" aand under

Area #2: The Studio

This area is where we take photos, shoot videos, and whatever else we create to share grantly with the world. You can see two of our team members in the pic. They seem to be on break most of the time but swear they are “mission critical”.

grantly clothing - the studio where we share great clothes for short guys 5'8" with the world

Area #3: The Desk

It seems that one of the founders of grantly hates to sit in a chair for more than two minutes at a time so standing desks are everywhere. Others are forced to bring their own chair, tiny couch or trampoline. HR isn’t cool with the trampoline but no one really listens to them.


The desk is where we work to design great clothes for short guys 5'8" and under


So that’s the quick tour. What do you think? Are you surprised there isn’t sewing machines and fabric everywhere? Leave us a comment below.

We want to do more of these behind the scenes but only if y’all like this kind of thing. We are thinking next time we will share some sneak peeks at the projects we have in the hopper.

Thanks and adios, 


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  • Dianna

    Totally enjoyed the quick tour of grantly! Just love seeing your two team members in the pictures! Sure a fun and informative blog!!
    Would love to see some sneak peeks of the projects in hopper.

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