What are the Best Colors for Spring and Summer Tees?

What are the Best Colors for Spring and Summer Tees?

Hey guys. Today I want to explore the question “Are you supposed to wear certain colors according to the weather outside?” 

As I write this, the calendar page reads May. The weather is in the strange warm one day rain the next, and snow thrown in just for fun phase. But my bones tell me summer is coming. 

At the moment, my closet is filled with winter friendly items along with a small mix of warmer weather clothes. There seems to be a pattern. The warmer winter clothes are mostly dark colors. Not sure how that happened. It also seems that the warmer weather clothes are mostly lighter colors. Maybe the amount of sunlight has an influence on you and you unconsciously try to match? That sounds fancy, but probably not.

Let’s try to dig into this more. Is there a best set of colors that everyone should have to choose from in their closet according to what the season is outside? Or how about multiple shirts/pants in the same color to make things easy? Can you wear black in the summer?

I started asking around, and heard everything from, "I just wear what my significant other buys me" to "I wear the same colors no matter what the weather is outside" and a mix of everything in between. It seems people answered in two general camps. One, intentionally choose what to wear based on how they want to look or two, they haven't given much thought to their look and just put on what's in front of them that day. 

In looking on the web for color options for t-shirts, I came across the Bella Canvas site and found they had a huge collection of colored tees. Options and more options. You could almost have a different color for everyday of the week.

Bella Canvas t-shirt color options https://www.bellacanvas.com/shop-by-color

After buying and trying countless colored tees, it seems I've stumbled on a realization. For me, the question isn’t what colors should I wear, it's what colors work best for me and that I like wearing. I personally like a mix of fun, classic and neutral colors. This gives me a wide mix of great options I can pick from to easily look great no matter what I'm doing. Here are some of my favorites.

 My favorite color tees for warmer weather

My favorite tees when the weather warms up

To wrap this up, I wanted to share something we are working on. We are adding a section to the website called "The Lab". The purpose of this area is to use a "crowdfunding" voting system that will give you more options to get exactly the kind of products in the colors that you want. 

For example, you want an all monotone based collection of premium tees? Awesome, you can have it. Or maybe you want a mix of bright and pastels with a balance of neutral colors to fill your closet, that's cool too. The sky's the limit. You will be able to vote through pre-ordering the products you love, once we hit the production threshold, the items get made and shipped to you.  

Stay tuned over the next bit to learn how you can participate and get the look you've always wanted. Grantly Clothing was founded to give short guys great clothing options and we think this model of production allows us to deliver on that - giving you the best possible options.  

I would love to hear from you. Do you have a specific set of colors you like to wear? Do you find yourself brightening up the colors in your closet as the weather warms? Do you want to hear more about The Lab? Drop me a comment below.  

That's all for now, take care! 

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