T-shirts for Short Guys: Why start there?

Short guys can finally love how they look in the mirror

I often get asked “Why did you start with t-shirts?” Easy - because I wanted to love my tees. This may sound silly. A t-shirt is a t-shirt, right? Very true for some, but not for me.

Let me rewind a bit. My name is Grant and I’m short. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) How short you ask? I’m 5’6” on a good day, and probably shrinking, or just slouching too much.  

Short guys want to like what they see in the mirror
I like to look nice. I want to like what I see in the mirror. I want to present myself as a put together grownup. I don’t want to wear sloppy fitting clothes but most clothes you can find at stores are made for taller guys. Just look at the caption next to every picture: “Model is 6’1” and wears a size medium.” Seriously!? Taller and thinner. What the heck!
short guy finds happiness with great fitting clothes

Ok, breathe, calm thoughts. Nice bunny. Where was I? That’s right. T-shirts for short guys. 

Over the years my shopping habits had been shaped by trying to find great clothes, getting frustrated, giving up and then buying whatever was on sale. This led me to have a closet full of clothes that were too long in the sleeves, too tight here, or too loose there, and a bunch of t-shirts that were always too long. 

shorts guys stop hating your clothes - you have great options

After yet another frustrating morning of just trying to find a t-shirt and jeans to wear that made me look and feel good, I gave up.

I gave up on finding clothes meant for me in the big retailers and struck out on my own to create clothes that made me happy to get dressed each day.

And to start, I decided to launch with t-shirts. Why? Two main reasons.

One, t-shirts are the staple of my wardrobe.

With the shift to more work-from-home and also a more casual office dress code, the last few years I found myself wearing t-shirts 90% of the time - both on weekdays and weekends. I had a whole closet full of t-shirts but they were mostly t-shirts that I hated wearing. They were either too long and looked like I was wearing a dress or made me look like a little kid. Another problem was the poor quality which caused them to never hold their shape or look good after being washed. Or they just weren’t comfy to wear - the material was rough and didn’t sit on the body very well. 

But when I looked online, I couldn’t find t-shirts that fit me. Other clothing brands for shorter guys had t-shirts but they were made for super slim men who like their t-shirts tight and extra short. I just wanted sizing options that fit my body type and were comfortable to wear but couldn’t find any.

Two, jeans and dress pants with shorter inseams are possible to find.

There are a handful of companies who already have some of their pant styles in shorter inseams. So making pants wasn't my first priority. I had jeans that fit. Granted, it’s still hard to find pants such as joggers in shorter inseams so we are currently working on adding a line of joggers to our product collection. 

And that is why t-shirts…

Hence the birth of grantly clothing starting with t-shirts. And our t-shirts rock. We focused on three things:

  1. Fit. We built a shirt that fits your height and width by letting you choose how tight or loose you want your shirt and how long you want it. And we custom designed the sleeves to make sure they aren’t too tight or too loose and don’t pull or chafe when you move.

  2. Quality: We also only use soft fabric that feels good against your skin and holds its shape wear after wear.

  3. Look: You don’t want to wear a solid plain t-shirt day after day so are we adding different colors and designs. Currently we have the curved bottom hem that helps you look taller and leaner. We are also working on a straight hem version that will be ready soon.

The goal is to give you so many different options you can wear a t-shirt every day of the week, always looking good and feeling good. We are working to make getting dressed fun again.

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